Improved Security#

There have been documented cases of the game engine being abused to negatively effect users through a method called remote code execution (RCE). Vulnerabilities like these can be used to compromise your computer, steal sensitive information, or just ruin your gaming experience by spamming chat or constanly changing maps. These are just some examples of what abuse can take place.

Is Plutonium vulnerable to the same exploits?#

Not at all! In fact, our development team has taken steps to patch these vulnerabilities that still exist on the Steam versions of these games as well as the console versions. You don't have to worry about bad actors ruining your fun.



These documents are technical!

These are examples from official sources, we also have patched a few other lesser known vulnerabilities and continue to patch any that we find or that are reported to us as soon as practical.

Vulnerabilities by game - CVE Details

Remote Code Execution - NIST