IW5 like you've never seen it before.

Pluto(nium) is a project to create a better IW5 experience. After a community vote it was decided to release a beta, this was released 1st October 2017, check our forum for more details!

Currently in the works:

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Full .lua support

LUA is used instead of InfinityScript to allow mod developers to create bigger and better mods.

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Active Development and AntiCheat

Taking over from TeknoGods the Plutonium team keep the updates coming with bug fixes and new content patches coming out roughly twice a month.

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Editor mode

Pluto features an improved version of the IW5MVM mod allowing users and editors to create stunning video content in a T6-like theater environment built directly into the client.

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Custom content

Pluto will not just support IW5, but extend it with custom weapons, maps and menu’s.