The end of the Plutonium Project

When the original team started this project it was with the goal of bettering ourselves. This project would allow each of us to gain more knowledge in our area’s of interest and apply that to our daily lives. I’m sure each Project Admin can confirm this project certainly allowed us to develop ourselves.

However times are not the same now as they were in January 2017, Eldor is now in military service, Rektinator now has a job and is attending his final (I think) year at Uni and I am having ever increasing time demands from my actual job which I need to put first.

In the last few weeks we’ve toyed with the idea of keeping the project running but ultimately we are all aware none of us have the time to dedicate to the project, Plutonium itself and the community deserves better than we can provide at this point and it is that reason we have decided it is better if we shut down the project.

Going forward - Rektinator plans to release an offline patch for Plutonium IW5 and Plutonium T6 and this will be delivered via the Plutonium Discord server which can be joined via this invite link:

We will NEVER sell our database or web hosted software, anybody claiming to have it will be looking to scam people, we are proud to never have a data breach during our lifetime. Project Admins have been told they are welcome to sell any code that they soley worked on, meaning Rektinator may sell his custom ZoneTool which is what we used to port custom assets such as maps and weapons - he will never give this away for free, anybody claiming to have a download link is likely trying to infect you or scam you.

Likewise anybody claiming they have our source code is likely lying too - due to so much of it being shared collaboration - including with staff who are no longer contactable, the full source code will never be sold or released. Just as Admins are able to sell their sole work, they are free to opensource it too, it entirely depends on the admin and what work they are willing to keep, archive, sell, give away etc

I’m sure this will sting a little for some of our older community members, to the people who supported us, chatted to us, bug reported to us and generally were respectful to us, thank you for joining us over the last 2 years, through the good times and the bad, it’s been a blast!

Plutonium IW5 and T6 (MW3 and BO2) will both be shutting down along with and - the community discord will remain online however all support related channels will be removed. All services will go offline forever on Monday the 24th of September 2018.

Plutonium Project