What are your game files? Why do you need them?#

Plutonium itself is a modification, it sits on top of the original game and modifies it. As such Plutonium cannot function without these files. When you download a game via Steam or any other method, it downloads the required files for the game to your computer. Check below for common places these files may be. You need to tell Plutonium where these files are located on your computer, once you have done this, Plutonium can use these game files to start the modified version of the game. If you select the wrong file location you will get an error message when you try to start the game.

How to find your game folder location through Steam#

1. Open Steam
2. Make sure you have the games installed you want to play.
3. Right click onto the game

  • CoD: MW3 - Multiplayer
  • CoD: BO2 - Multiplayer
  • CoD: BO2 - Zombies
  • CoD: WaW

4. Select "Manage" then "Browse local files"
5. A new explorer window opens with the game files.


How to find your game folder location through Plutonium#

1. Open the launcher
2. Select the game you are looking for.
3. Click on the cog wheel next to the "Play" button.
4. The path should be shown to you.