Where can I get support?#

You can find support in various places:

  • Discord - This is useful if you have quick questions, the chats can flow quite quickly so bigger problems or issues where you are super stuck belong on the forums.
  • Plutonium Forums - We have dedicated sub-forums for each game.

All support is given by community members just like yourself, so please remember to be clear with your support requests, take time to provide as much information as you can, upload screenshots and explain what you have tried already. These tips will mean people are more likely to take time to help you.

Examples of a detailed support request:

  • Problem you are having: (Make this as descriptive as possible, "the main menu doesn't load" is better than "it won't load".)
  • What have you tried to do already?
  • When did you start having the problem?
  • Screenshot the error you get if possible. A video is even better.
  • Screenshot your Game Folder - this lets people helping you spot any file problems.