Where can I get support?#

You can find support in various places:

  • Discord - This is useful if you have quick questions, the chats can flow quite quickly so bigger problems or issues where you are super stuck belong on the forums.
  • Plutonium Forums - We have dedicated sub-forums for each game.

Before asking for support#

Before asking for support make sure you tried searching in the documentation and on the forum The most frequently asked questions are already answered there like how to install the game or how to play with a friend, how to unlock all and so on.

How to ask for support?#

Your request should be easy to understand for people who are trying to help you. A short message with no/little information isn't the best way to receive help.

Asking if someone is here or if someone can help without providing any information is useless.

Get to the point and give the most information you can.
Mention the game on which you're having the issue, any particularity on your system/game, when exactly you get that error, what you already tried etc.
Also provide a screenshot or video each time it's possible (mainly when you have an error on screen)

"Every time I click on the Play button in the launcher a command prompt opens for a few seconds and closes without launching the game and without any error message" is way better than "My game is crashing". "Every time I try joining my friend who is in a custom game playing and waiting for me I get an error message. Something about EXE_FIELD_MISMATCH" (with a screenshot showing the complete error) is way better than "I can't join my friend".