How many server can I host?#

To keep the server list clean and to allow everyone to have a chance to make a name in the list of servers we only allow a certain amount of servers per game type:
T6MP and T6ZM are two different game types, just like T6MP and IW5MP are two different games, they're all considered as different games.

Currently the server limits are as follows:

  • Up to 10 servers for multiplayer per game
  • Up to 15 servers for zombies per game

You are also limited to 30 servers in total per IP address.

So for example having 15 T6ZM servers, 10 T6MP and 5 IW5MP servers is allowed.

Note that to start hosting your account must be at least a week old.


If you don't respect the limits given in this page, actions could be taken against you by us.
This could mean (but not limited to) keys being revoked, hosting privileges removed, or account suspension or termination.