Dedicated Servers#

Dedicated servers are some of the tools we give back to our community to empower our players to host whichever matches they want while also delivering superior performance and being highly modifiable. Unlike BO2 and MW3 our dedicated servers are:

  • Ranked
  • Stable
  • Lightweight
  • Hosted by our community for our community
  • Allow the server hosters to define their own set rules.
    • From Crouch servers, to Hide and Seek, to 18 players FFA without any rules, anything is possible.
  • Moddable
  • Allow custom GSC Scripts
  • Allow 3rd party RCon tools

Due to the high modability and flexibilty when it comes to configuration, we ask our server hosters to not give themselves unfair advantages (server sided cheats) and to give their servers fitting names that give the players as much information as possible before joining. While we won't ban you for any game modification on the servers the community might stop playing on your servers if they notice you cheating.

Bad examples:

  • "Jef's TDM server" while forcing players to only use pistols.
  • "Vanilla FFA server" while allowing 18 players to connect.
  • "iSNIPE SnD" while forcing players to trickshot
  • "[CLAN] SnD" while forcing players to crouch only.

Good examples:

  • "Jef's Pistol only TDM server"
  • "GroundWar FFA server"
  • "Trickshot SnD"
  • "[CLAN] crouch only SnD"