Forum Rules#

  • The forum should be kept safe to browse at work or school - therefore adult images are not permitted on our forum.
  • Do not double post - edit your original post if you need to add something to it.
  • No religion, no politics. Your personal opinions do not need to be stated here.
  • Not everybody comes from the same background, try to be helpful instead of hurtful.
  • Respect everybody. Everything is nicer if people get along with each other. If your reply is negative for no reason, there is no need to post it. Be constructive.
  • Much like respect everybody, respect staff. Not everything we do is something you will agree with but this project is provided for free and we do NOT work for you, so you must accept that we might refuse to comply with demands if we don't agree with them.
  • Using Plutonium or a close variation in your name is not allowed - it allows too much risk of impersonation. Username's that could be used to impersonate a staff member are also not allowed - your username will be renamed and an email sent to you if we find any that are too close to our own. IE. Zefyr or Eldors.
  • Advertising is not permitted unless a forum section is designed for it. This includes but is not limited to your YouTube channel, your Twitch, your 1337 sniper clan and your Uncle's really funny Twitter account. You can use the Trickshotting forum for your clips and there are specific threads for server advertising etc.