Plutonium Plugin SDK#

One of the features Plutonium offers is the ability for server owners to develop their own C++ DLL plugins to further customize the player experience. In order to encourage safe and version update agnostic plugins, the Plutonium Development team has created a simple SDK to allow plugins to interface with some of the most important aspects of each Plutonium supported game.

Getting Started#

Get started by creating a blank C++ DLL project in Visual Studio or with the tools of your choice. In this example, a new project will be created directly in Visual Studio, initialized as a Git repository, and have the SDK files included in the build path.

Creating a new project#

  1. In Visual Studio, create a new project using the Dynamic-Link Library (DLL) option for C++
  2. Open explorer to the directory containing the newly created .sln file for your project
  3. Open a command prompt window in this directory and execute the following commands:
  • git init
  • git submodule add <project-folder-name>/plutonium-sdk
    • Replace <project-folder-name> with the name of your project you entered in Visual Studio
  1. Use the example in V1 API to set up your main.cpp
  2. Build DLL


Explore the V1 API documentation for a full list of features.

Example Plugin#

Look at the Example Plugin documentation for a basic example of creating a plugin that uses the SDK.


Q) Where do I put the DLL so the plugin is loaded?
A) Plugins should be in your %localappdata%\Plutonium\plugins\ directory. If this directory does not exist, you can create it.

Q) How do I load plugins without a dedicated server?
A) Plugins are only allowed to load on server. Trying to load a plugin on the client will result in a ban.

Q) Will my old plugins still work?
A) Yes! The legacy method of loading plugins is still supported. However, it is recommended to convert your plugins to load using this SDK to ensure future Plutonium updates do not break your plugin.