How can I contribute to Plutonium?#


You can contribute to Plutonium by donating.
These donations help us pay for the actual servers needed to run the plutonium.exe file and our forums / website.
You can see the donation perks here.

How to donate#

Note: If you want to receive benefits, please make sure you are signed into your Plutonium Forum account before donating.

If you want to get the donator role on the Discord server simply create a post in the VIP support category on the forum including your full Discord username once you donated.

How donations work#

If you donate 5€ or more you'll be guaranteed access to the Contributors group on the forum.
This gives you access to testing sessions of features we are releasing as well as private channels in our Discord server.

Currently we only accept automatic donations through Paypal, but crypto is also possible.
Send an email to [email protected] to get started with a crypto donation.

Note: This is subject to change. Future access to the Contributors role will most likely require a monthly donation.
Early donators will be grandfathered in and any previous donations will be counted towards that monthly limit.

Donations are non-refundable.